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Closing Night Shorts

“Hiding” — Town House • Dir. Christian Davis
2017 Nickel & MusicNL Music Video Incubator

After finding out from her widowed father that she will soon lose her place on the local boys’ football team, 11-year-old Kristy struggles to cope with her evolving identity as she becomes a young woman. Director: Jimmy Dean • Writer: Ellie Gocher • Producer: Ellie Gocher • Country: Ireland • Runtime: 17 Mins

Jacob 1234
In this entertainingly fast-paced Alice in Wonderland-like sequence, Jacob must runs through his mind to remember his girlfriend’s birthday. Director & Writer: David Feehan • Producer: Jacqueline Hynes • NEWFOUNDLAND & LABRADOR • Runtime: 3 Mins

Empty Cans
Felix and Mabel struggle to process the suicide of their close friend. In an effort to find healing and closure, they return to their secret hideout and get passed-out drunk. Director, Writer, & Producer: Darcy Fitzpatrick • NEWFOUNDLAND & LABRADOR • Runtime: 5 Min

A young man returns home to Ireland after extended travel abroad with friends. He struggles to find his place after the economic collapse of the Celtic tiger, and hopes a familiar face will anchor him. Winner of the Best Irish Narrative at the 2016 Kerry Film Festival. Director & Writer: Sinéad O’Loughlin • Producer: Laura Brennan • Country: Ireland • Runtime: 13 Mins

Dasha the Fool
Happily married Dasha returns home from her trip to find a flower-filled apartment. In a highly entertaining performance, Dasha must choose between the truth before her or her blind happiness. Director: Valentina Lukashchuk • Writer: Andrey Migachev • Producer: Max Volovik • Country: Russian Federation • Runtime: 15 Mins

When Caroline discovers a lump in her breast, she must face her health fear, and fear of being alone. Will she seek reliance and validation from herself or her emotionally unavailable partner?   Director & Writer: Andrea Dunne • Producer: Jacqueline Hynes • NEWFOUNDLAND & LABRADOR • Runtime: 11 Mins

The Tour
An unlucky in love tour guide takes her unsuspecting and rather disinterested passengers down a (hilarious) road less travelled. Deftly navigating the streets of St. John’s with romance, drama, and dark humour, this short features a highly entertaining performance by Willow Kean, who along with a busload of supporting characters, will have you signing up for the next guided tour. Winner of the 2016 RBC Michelle Jackson Emerging Filmmaker Award.Director & Writer: Jenina MacGillivray • Producer: Ruth Lawrence • NEWFOUNDLAND & LABRADOR • Runtime: 7 Mins

Ruben lives with his father Gabriel in a forest house on the outskirts of a village. Shielded from the outside world, he spends his days in a trance-like state, orchestrated by his father’s strict rules. One morning Ruben sees some village children playing though the window, and begins questioning his father’s activities, and his carefully constructed and controlled environment. Winner of awards in Poland, Romania, and Ireland. Director & Writer: Ares Ceylan • Producer: Nadine Luchinger • Country: Switzerland • Runtime: 18 Mins

Dreaming of Peggy Lee
Belinda is a young girl living with a hearing impairment within an oppressive care-home. She struggles to accept who she is and find the freedom and confidence to follow her dream of singing. Part silent film, and part musical, Dreaming of Peggy Lee is an inspiring celebration of identity set to the sights and sounds of the golden jazz age of the 1940s. An award winning film to be enjoyed by young and old audiences alike. Winner of the Best International Narrative Award at the 2016 Kerry Film Festival. Director, Writer & Producer: James Everett • Country: United Kingdom • Runtime: 11 Mins

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