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Family Matinee (Free Admission)

The Perfect Family
Edda, a parrot-woman hybrid, and former circus performer, struggles to deal with her 13 year-old daughter’s new found embarrassment of her unusual family. A familiar teen story with a colourful twist. Director, Writer & Producer: Martine Blue • Co-Producer: Ruth Lawrence • NEWFOUNDLAND & LABRADOR • Runtime: 10 Mins

“Hula Hoop” — The Swinging Belles
From the 2016 48-Hour Music Video Challenge. NEWFOUNDLAND & LABRADOR

Nickel 2017 NL Student Docs
From schools on the Nickel Rural School Tour, mentored by Andrea Dunne, Ben Noah, Brad Gover, and Ruth Lawrence. NEWFOUNDLAND & LABRADOR

Autumn Leaves
A sweet story about a little girl who wants to play with a fallen leaf in the garden but must go to school where picking up fallen leaves becomes a chore rather than a source of amusement. Director, Writer & Producer: Saman Hosseinpuor • Country: Iran • Runtime: 4 Mins

The Big Crunch
Nickel favorites Mancinelli & Cherniak return with a family film to charm audiences of all ages. When 12-year-old August learns the universe will one day collapse in an epic Big Crunch, he’s pushed into an existential crisis, but an electrical shock awakens him to the universe’s beauty and wonder. Director & Writer: Dusty Mancinelli • Producer: Harry Cherniak • Country: Canada  • Runtime: 11 Mins

Free Admission