Screening Presented by Deacon Investments

June 20 • 6:30pm • LSPU Hall

Immaculate Memories: The Uncluttered Worlds of Christopher Pratt

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Immaculate Memories: The Uncluttered Worlds of Christopher Pratt is an engaging look at one of Canada’s most important living painters. Directed and produced by award-winning filmmaker Kenneth J Harvey, it’s also the first feature-length documentary that Christopher Pratt has agreed to participate in. An honest, funny, eloquent, bizarre and sometimes unsettling account of his life and art, and an extremely important cultural document. Director & Writer: Kenneth J Harvey • Producer: Kenneth J Harvey, Katherine Harvey • Runtime: 75 Mins • Newfoundland and Labrador


A Dreaming House
What kinds of secrets might a house hold? A field recordist listens to the moans and groans, and dreams and nightmares of a lonely house in the woods. Director: Devin Shears • Runtime 7 Mins • Newfoundland and Labrador

Lady M
Margot Collins played Lady Macbeth to great acclaim in her youth, but now in her fifties, is largely forgotten and struggling for auditions, let alone parts. When a theatre company announces its intention to stage Macbeth, Margot is determined to land the role once more. She’s passed over in favour of a much younger actor, and instead offered a role as one of the witches. But one should never underestimate the spirit of the play to conjure black magic, nor the power of a formidable older woman to get what she wants. Director: Tammy Riley • Smith Writer: Melissa Knatchbull • Producer: Karen Newman • Runtime: 12 Mins • United Kingdom

This 3D animated documentary explores people’s perceptions of time. A selection of brief interviews provide the voices for CGI clock characters in a variety of real-world settings as they respond to a single question: “What does time mean to you?” Director, Writer & Producer: Ninaad Kulkarni • Runtime: 3 Mins • United States

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