June 21 • 6:30pm • LSPU Hall


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A feature documentary about the powerful allure of a universal myth. Mermaids follows the stories of five extraordinary tail-donning women who are part of a growing “mermaiding” subculture. Audiences voyage between mermaid theme parks, conventions, tail-making studios, and deep into the ocean, where transforming into the empowered icon of the mermaid is possible. Director & Writer: Ali Weinstein • Producer: Caitlin Durlak • Runtime: 76 Mins • Canada


In a coastal town in Newfoundland a man named Skip spends his time skipping rocks on the shore, caring for his widowed grandfather, and admiring the local store clerk from afar. Despite hard times Skip dreams of making something of his life through an unlikely endeavor: rock skipping. Director & Writer : Jenina MacGillivray • Producer: Kelly Davis and Tamara Segura • Runtime: 12 Mins • Canada

How You Turned into a Fish
How You Turned into a Fish is a poetic animated painting about the death of a friend. Through artistic images, Jenna Marks explores the ideas of grief and time and shows how one woman can keep a friend alive as long as she keeps remembering. Director: Jenna Marks • Runtime: 5 Mins • Canada

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