The Nickel & MusicNL Music Video Incubator is an exciting new project to help local artists work together to create high quality music videos. We bring together bands, individual musicians and filmmakers to collaborate on a music video with professional-level mentorship and technical support. The Incubator is an educational program that encourages networking across disciplines, fosters the development of emerging filmmakers, and offers musicians a high quality promotional tool.

MusicNL and the Nickel Independent Film Festival are pleased to announce the two selected songs. Competition for this project was fierce, with 36 submissions for 2 opportunities. We would like to thank all the applicants for providing such a robust group to choose from. The two selected songs are:

Mark Bragg – “Lorelei”

Weary – “Bruise”



We encourage emerging filmmakers based in Newfoundland & Labrador to submit brief written treatments for one or both of the above songs, as well as information about any previous filmmaking experience and supporting material or links. The musicians themselves will select which filmmaker they wish to work with. The extended submission deadline is April 30, 2018 at 5pm.

Submissions can be emailed to or uploaded to this link:

Each participating filmmaker will be given access to equipment as well as support from a filmmaking mentor who will help the team produce the project. Filmmakers and musicians will coordinate a time to film together during the month of May and the finished videos will be screened as part of the Nickel Independent Film Festival (June 19-23) in St. John’s!



Mark Bragg – Lorelei

From Mark:
I chose this song for its strong visual aspect. There is such varied imagery in the song that a filmmaker could use as a springboard to interpret in their own way.

Another reason I chose this song is due to its dynamics and movement. From the subdued intro, to the soaring guitar solo in the middle, to the epic and retro synthesizer parts in the end, I was so excited about the contributions from the musicians on this track, and would love to see this collaboration extend to the visual world.

Weary – “Bruise”
See below for more information

From Kate Lahey:
This song is visual + impactful, felt + imagistic. We feel it would be a powerful song for a music video. It was also the first single off the album, pre-released through The Overcast. “Bruise” speaks to the tension of hurt + healing, resiliency + survival, memory + learning how to make yourself anew. Somehow foggy + punchy, I hope this song will speak to the creative energy of filmmakers in the province who are hoping to contribute to multimedia reflections on place, desire, feminism + belonging.