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Please note The Nickel Film Festival programming is for mature audiences and viewer discretion is advised.

TUESDAY, JUNE 14th 7pm
8mm Film Challenge Film NL (3.0)

Fish Fatale Dir: Jim Connors NL (Animated 1.5)

Exploring deep into the ocean, a diver in search of treasure finds a chest that’s full of wonder and
danger, brought to us courtesy of a student in CNA’s Animation program.

The King of the Hill Dir: Anh Minh Truong CAN (Drama 21.5)
Suburban teenagers, Jo and Jay, frequently challenge one another to a game of “King of the Hill”. As
summer draws to an end, they are forced to confront their fears and decide on their future.

Julia Dir: Carlo Perassi ITA (Drama 5.5)

With Franco’s help, Julia learns how to move on from the past, and welcome love into her life again.

Vehicular Romanticide Dir: Andrew Rowe CAN (Drama 15.0)
A lonely young woman’s frustrating search for romance leads her to concoct a bizarre scheme to meet
potential suitors, and into the arms of the unconscious man of her dreams.

I’ve Just Had a Dream Dir: Javi Navarro ESP (Drama 7.5)
Eight year-old Irene wakes up from a terrible dream. Charming, yet pointed, we are reminded of the
value of perspective on a story.

Me, You, and an Occurrence of Obsolescence
Dir: Delaney Del Vecchio USA (Experimental 5.5)

This intriguing student film explores a young woman’s reaction to the fatal degradation of a romantic
relationship. As much as she tries to leave the experience in the past, so many memories refuse to be
left behind.

Canoes for Peru Dir: Kieran Hodges CAN (Documentary 18.0)
The trials and tribulations of an epic project to bring canoeing to the Alta Madre de Dios river in the
Peruvian Amazon, an isolated part of the world experiencing great change.

Long Term Care Dir: Ian Vatcher W/P: Lisa Vatcher NL (Drama 17.0)
Father and son duo, Charlie and Sam Pike, come to grips with admitting war-vet Charlie into a long
term care home. Suffering from dementia, Charlie uses his old-world charm to adjust to his new life.

Selfie Dir: Ali Erfan Farhadi IRN (Drama 2.0)
Humorous, yet poignant, this brilliant short film takes a stark look at what often gets lost in today’s
obsession of trying to capture every moment.

My Bonnie Dir: Hannah Quinn IRL (Drama 12.5)
Winner of Best Irish Narrative at the Kerry Film Festival, this is a story of love on the rocks, both
literally and figuratively.

Lima Dir: Afshin Roshanbakht and Vahid Jafari IRN (Animated 14.5)

As a boy steps into adulthood, and moves on into old age, he re-imagines the precious moments he
once shared with his father.

Cancergirl W/D/P: Allison White P: Christian Sparkes NL (Drama 12.5)
Just before high school graduation, Ollie is diagnosed with cancer. Everyone is devastated but she
wants to be normal. With her parents out of town, she takes the opportunity to sneak off to a party.


Music Video Challenge Winner NL (4.0)

Oblivion Season Dir: Abbas Rafei IRN (Drama 94.0)
An ex-prostitute in Tehran starts a new life by marrying her loved one, but leaving the shadow of her
dark past is not as easy as she’d hoped. Now she must fight for her freedom, with an oppressive
husband, in a society that denies her very existence.


Romantic Comedy Film Challenge Winner NL (6.0)

katatjanik utippalianinga (The Return of Throat Singing)
Dir: FRAMED Participants, Women’s Film Festival project by Jenn Brown NL (Documentary 7.0)

Created through the St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival’s FRAMED series, this film
explores throat singing in Nain – a tradition which was nearly destroyed but has recently been revived.

Olilo Dir: Ao Li USA (6.0 Animated)
Love, and its capacity to transform all things. A combination of traditional frame-by-frame and digital
drawing, as well as key frame animation, Olilo tells the story of an introverted girl held captive by her
own semi-transparent personal space.

The Mourning After Dir: NIFCO Film Class NL (6.0 Drama)

Produced under the guidance of mentors by this year’s NIFCO Film Class. A woman begins to move
ahead with her life, following the loss of her young son and husband.

Moo Dir: Samuel Galloway AUS (10.5 Drama)
This heartfelt comedy-drama presents an aspiring artist, who is forced to decide between
the acceptance of her peers and what truly makes her happy.

The Woman in White W/D: Ross Moore NL (8.0 Drama)
A grown man and a young girl compare sibling rivalries in a playground one snowy afternoon.

Entailment Dir: Cam Smeal AUS (19.0 Drama)
At a low point in his marriage, Josh cheats with Nina, a woman desperate to have a child. He soon
learns, however, that keeping this moment of betrayal a secret is much more challenging than he had


8mm Film Challenge Film NL (3.0)

Pop-Up Dir: Stuart McBratney AUS (Drama 93.0)
This is a triptych of stories about people affected by one event. An unemployed father finds a camera
containing a single photo of a woman’s face. Smitten, he tracks her down. A Romanian immigrant
attempts to overcome her heartbreak by giving away a thousand home-made pop-up cards. A sleepdeprived
theatre director seeks deadly revenge on a scathing critic.


Human Smile Dir: Michael Bernadat FRA (Music Video 4.0)
A cinematic music video, featuring people of all ages, generating smiles as they play drums to the
song “Human Smile”.

Copper Wire Dir: Hasan Najmabadi IRN (Drama 10.0)
The story of a determined young film enthusiast and his relentless pursuit of happiness.

Terra Nova Matadora Dir: Rhonda Buckley NL (Documentary 14.0)
The incredible story of Carolyn Hayward, who, in 1957, began her career as a famous professional
bullfighter in Spain, Mexico, and throughout South America. This 100-pound woman from
Newfoundland obviously didn’t scare easily, as she has been credited with killing 150 bulls in the ring.

Paper Thin Dir: Jeff Parker CAN (Drama 6.0)
While preparing for his thesis defense on Sherlock Holmes, Miles overhears a mysterious exchange
happening in the apartment next door, forcing him to choose whether he wants to write about a
detective, or be one himself.

Wife and Death Dir: Matt Wright NL (Drama 8.0)
A visit from Death leaves Jack on borrowed time to patch things up with his girlfriend.

Snowfall Dir: Conor Whalen IRL (Animated 5.0)
Winner of Best Animation at the Kerry Film Festival, a young man’s emotional states at a party, and
the ride home afterward, are cleverly reflected in his environment.

Keystone W/D: Ian Foster, P: Mike Ciuffini NL (Drama 15.5)

Keystone is an organization with an unlikely mandate: making your most important memories truly
‘unforgettable’. As client Jack begins to recount moments from his life, he reveals the bond he formed
with one particular woman, and the significance he has placed on their story.

Feverish Dir: Nicole Steeves CAN (Comedy 10.0)
Following a long, dry spell, Bridget has decided to take control of her sex-life and hits a nightclub in
search of a one night stand. In jig time, she snags Ted, but a pit-stop at a sidewalk food vendor
threatens to sabotage the success of Bridget’s mission.


Don’t Forget about Singapore Dir: Julien Thiry FRA (Experimental 7.0)
Witness the violent everyday life, and the broken dreams of Francois, an investment banker in Paris
by day, and transvestite prostitute by night.

Phobia Dir: Tymur Markunin CAN (Animated 2.0)

A little boy with a great imagination, has an even greater secret, his phobia.

Good Riddance Dir: Caroline Gauthier CAN (Drama 10.5)
When a young man considers sacrificing his academic future to pursue the girl he loves, his wiser best
friend must make a sacrifice of his own.

Anxiety #5 Dir: Jesse Foster CAN (Suspense 5.0)
Creepy atmosphere and tension abound, as a man discovers that his fate is sealed, in a Brooklyn
apartment building’s bathroom.

Missing One Player Dir: Lei Lei CHE (Animated 4.0)
This multi-media animated film focuses on the frustrations and dreams of three majong gamers who
must wait patiently for the last player to arrive.

Home Invasion Dir: Matt Wright NL (Comedy 7.5)
An ex-mobster, a nymphomaniac, and a burglar have a chance encounter that isn’t what it seems at
first sight.

Penta Dir: Andrea Wolanin USA (Horror 20.5)

Based upon an Italian folk tale, the perfect woman becomes available in the form of a mail-order robot,
but what does that mean? As she acclimates to the world around her, Penta’s path to perfection
displeases her owner, with grim results.

Remote Viewing Dir: Kristen Anderson-Sauve CAN (Comedy 10.0)
A group of UFO enthusiasts go on an expedition to uncover proof of alien life. They find alot more
than they had imagined.

She’s Having a Baby Dir: Chris Smellin and Robert Smellin AUS (Horror 14.0)
A chilling thriller, featuring a woman who will do anything to conceive a child.



Bwah-Bwah Dir: Adam Sturman UK (Horror 1.0)

A young woman, and an ominous dark figure, but all is not what it seems.

Horror Film Challenge Winner NL (Horror 4.0)

Gnaw Dir: Struan Sutherland CAN (Horror 1.0)
After regaining consciousness, a terrified woman’s first impulse is to do anything she can, to escape
what is obviously a life or death situation.

Peelers Dir: Seve Schelenz CAN (Horror 96.0)

A small town strip club owner must defend her bar, her employees, and her life when violent infected
patrons show up to wreak havoc on the final closing night.


The Desolation of Henri Desmarais Dir: Maxime Gilbert CAN (Drama 97.0)
Henri (Grégoire Cloutier), an ex-priest who has lost his faith after the very recent death of his
granddaughter (Zoé Béliveau), reluctantly be friends the new owner of his apartment building,
Catherine (Émilie Morin). With her help, he will go through all the stages of his grief.


The Inn of Olde Dir: Devin Shears NL (Drama 11.0)
Sadie is an aging downtown girl trying to make her way across town so that she can see her niece
perform on television. However, on her journey she is haunted by visions of her past. “The Inn of
Olde” is an exploration of memory, place, and how easily a life of hardship can manifest itself

Marie’s Dictionary Dir: Emmanuel Vaughn Lee CH (Documentary 9.5)
This short documentary tells the story of Marie Wilcox, the last fluent speaker of the Wukchumni
language and the dictionary she created in an effort to keep her language alive.

Moving On Dir: Mike Fardy NL (Comedy 7.5)
At a critical juncture in their relationship, one half of a young couple is about to initiate their most
important conversation to date. The gravity of the moment is somewhat undermined, however, when
the other half presents a surprise gift of magic wands.

A Splendid Affair Dir: Laurent Ardoint and Stéphane Duprat FRA (Comedy 9.5)
A woman seeks out Roger Martin, private investigator, to investigate her husband whom she suspects
of having an affair. A gumshoe comedy from the guys who, last year, gave us the WWII musical
comedy Love and Commando.

She Stoops to Conquer Dir: Zack Russell CH (Drama 15.5)
Where is the line between inspiration and theft? An aspiring performer struggles to breathe life into a
new character she’s created. Suddenly, she sees him, the real-life incarnation of the man she’s been

Cage Dir: Pengpeng Du USA (Animated 4.5)
Inspired by traditional Chinese visual styles, this animated film illuminates the struggle of overcoming

Stutterer Dir: Benjamin Cleary IRL (Drama 13.0)
A multiple award-winner at the Kerry Film Festival, as well as the Oscar-winner in the category of Best
Short Film, Live Action. Although they’ve never met, Greenwood and Ellie have been messaging one
another for nearly six months, and getting along famously. When she informs him that she’s coming to
town, with hopes of meeting him while she’s there, Greenwood’s greatest fear comes into play. A
severe speech impediment has led him to avoid direct interaction with people. He will need to summon
a courage that he doesn’t even know he has in order to take their relationship forward.

Touch W/D: Noel Harris, P: Mark O’Neill NL (Drama 15.0)
When a single mom, facing eviction, is offered a night’s work, she unsuccessfully seeks a babysitter
for her two small children. Desperate, she reaches out to the last person she wants to ask for a favour.