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Only complete submissions will be accepted. To make the submission process fast and easy, we suggest that you gather everything you need before you hit the submit button:

  • Basic film info (Name, Country/Province of origin, Production Company, length, Exhibition Format, Main Credits-Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Cast);
  • Synopsis (100 Words);
  • Press Photos or Poster Image (Min. 300 dpi) for the Film;
  • Awards and Honours;
  • Submitter Contact Information;
  • Credit Card or Paypal Information;

Why submit to the Nickel?

The Nickel Independent Film Festival is an Annual 5-Day Festival in June, held in St. John's, Newfoundland on the East Coast of Canada. We have year-round events and partnerships occurring around the province of Newfoundland, throughout the Atlantic Provinces, and as far away as Ireland.

There are 10 reasons to submit to the Nickel. Having your film chosen though our submission process to screen at the Nickel Independent Film Festival brings many advantages.

  1. We are one of the few festivals in Canada that pay screening fees. We pay a fee based on current CARFAC rates each time we show your film to an audience.
  2. We have several screening opportunities throughout the year other than the main festival. Your film could be chosen to travel with the Nickel Roadshow, screen in a retrospective or school screening, outdoor summer screening, or in one of our partner festivals.
  3. We respect your film and provide the best possible venues and technical conditions for our screenings.
  4. All Filmmakers receive tickets to the festival.
  5. Visiting filmmakers are entitled to apply for assistance to attend the festival. Assistance is based on need, demand and availability of funds.
  6. Your film is eligible for special recognition at the end of the festival.
  7. If your film receives special recognition at our festival, your work may be submitted to the Kerry International Film Festival in Ireland for consideration.
  8. Programmed filmmakers receive a submission fee waiver for the following year.
  9. Filmmakers are eligible to enter our Super 8 Series each year.
  10. Filmmakers in the festival may be invited as Workshop Presenters, Panelists, or Directors in the Screenplay series.

Please note that these benefits do not necessarily apply to invited films. The Nickel reserves the right to make changes to the above information at any time and without notice.

Price: $25.00
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