A Nickel Special Presentation with Budden & Associates

City of Joy

This award-winning documentary tells a story of incomprehensible suffering and strength. Set in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, amidst a brutal war fuelled by greed, economics, and colonialism, the film follows the first group of women at a remarkable centre for victims of gender-based sexual violence. It shares the friendships that develop when a dedicated Congolese doctor, and Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Dr. Denis Mukwege, joins forces with Eve Ensler; radical playwright of The Vagina Monologues, and devout Congolese human rights activist, Christine Schuler Deschryver, to create this safe haven in the middle of violence-torn Eastern Congo. The film takes unflinching look at the strategic use of rape and sexual violence as a systematic weapon of war, and the complicitness of Western governments, business, and consumers in these conflicts. Audiences will be challenged, but ultimately inspired and uplifted by the film, and the women of City of Joy.

Since 1996, sexual and gender violence in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo has been used to torture and humiliate women and girls and destroy families. Advocates on the ground estimate that over half a million women and girls have been raped since the conflict began. The breakout success of this film — scooping up awards across the US and screening worldwide — echoes the success of the City of Joy Centre as it graduates 90 empowered women each year. The Nickel partners with V-Day St. John’s, the St. John’s Women’s Centre and others who work for social justice to screen this special presentation. Director & Writer: Madeleine Gavin • Producer: Allyson Luchak • Country: USA • Runtime: 1h14

A special Nickel presentation with support from St. John’s Women’s Centre, The Provincial Advisory Council on the status of women, the st. john’s international women’s film festival, VDay St. John’s, and Women in Film and Television—Atlantic.


Exploring Bell Island

The Royal Canadian Geographic Society’s First Explorer in Residence, Jill Heinerth takes viewers through the uniqueness of what has become an explorer’s paradise: Bell Island, Newfoundland, Canada. This documentary showcases such underwater treasures as the final resting place of the four WWII ships sunk by German U-Boats in 1942, and the Bell Island Mine. A look beneath the Tickle. Recipient of the Award of Excellence’ at the 2016 Canada Shorts Film Festival. Director, Writer, Producer: Trisha Stovel, Russell Clark • NEWFOUNDLAND & LABRADOR • Runtime: 9 Mins

In So Many Words Two lovers meet on the beach for the final conversation of their affair. He wants a clean break; she wants to linger and delay the inevitable. Director, Writer & Producer: Emily Bridger • NEWFOUNDLAND & LABRADOR • Runtime: 10

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