Matinee screening: Detainment • Thick Skin • A New Home • Black Hours

Saturday, June 22 • 1:30 pm • LSPU Hall

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Using extensive interview transcripts, police records, and child actors, the Oscar-nominated Detainment recreates police interviews with Robert Thompson and Jon Venables, the 10 year-old boys who were convicted of the abduction and murder of 2-year-old James Bulger in 1993. In this deeply emotionally-charged film, director Vincent Lambe asks viewers to reflect on difficult questions about the ethics of applying an adult justice model to children. Director & Writer: Vincent Lambe • Producer: Darren Mahone • Runtime: 30 Mins. • Ireland

Thick Skin
Thick Skin finds a teenage boy and girl flirting with each other at a party among friends. Glances are exchanged, then kisses, then more. The next day the two have woken up in different worlds with very different experiences of the night before, and with a crime having been committed by one of them. Set in the suburbs of Reykjavik, Iceland, Thick Skin explores rape and rape culture and raises important questions about boundaries, masculinity and society. Director & Writer: Erlendur Sveinsson • Producer: Gunnhildur Helga Katrínardóttir • Runtime: 12 Mins • Iceland

A New Home
As Katie waits for her new foster parents to arrive and rescue her from an unstable home, she worries about leaving her current caretaker, Tina, alone with an abusive boyfriend. Soon, news of a devastating plane crash puts her future into question. Director: Ethan Bickford • Writer: Jake Delaney • Producer: Catching Amistad Productions • Runtime: 10 Mins. • Newfoundland & Labrador

Black Hours
Igor is a factory worker being pushed to his limits by his boss. When his co-worker Frank burns himself to death at work to protest inhumane working conditions, it’s Igor who finds Frank’s body and suicide note. Igor struggles with a question of whether to conceal the letter and protect his job, or give it to Frank’s wife, who is desperately seeking the truth. Director: Wendy Pillonel. Writer: Milena Colla • Producers: Filippo Bonacci, Elena Pedrazzoli • Runtime: 29 Mins. • Switzerland

81 mins total

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