Screening Presented by ACTRA

June 22 • 8:50pm • LSPU Hall

Crown and Anchor

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James Downey is the product of an abusive alcoholic father. He’s living a disciplined, straight edge lifestyle as a result, while his cousin Danny drowns his own trauma with drugs and booze. When their lives intersect they each begin to unravel as the past returns with violent and tragic consequences. Crown and Anchor is a slow-burning intense drama set in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Director & Writer: Andrew Rowe • Producer: Vince Buda, Matt Wells, Michael Rowe • Runtime: 119 Mins • Newfoundland and Labrador


To Have and To Howl
Marriage can be difficult at the best of times. But what if you’ve been together for centuries? Completed as part of the 2018 Nickel Film 48 hour Rom-Com Challenge, To Have and to Howl is a hilarious take on a marriage counselling session between a fed up werewolf and vampire. Director & Writer: Shane Mills • Producer: Grind Mind • Runtime: 6 Mins • Newfoundland and Labrador

Second to None
When you’re the world’s second-oldest man, there’s only one clear path to fame. This multi-award-winning film from IFTA nominee Vincent Gallagher uses an animated Rube Goldberg machine to bring sibling rivalry to new heights. Director & Writer: Vincent Gallagher • Producer: Damian Farrell • Runtime: 7 Mins • Ireland

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