Late Screening: Abraham’s Walk • Seven • The Ashford Connection • The Last Vacation • New Woman • I Feel Unholy • Short Wave • Bagheera

Thursday, June 20 • 9:00 pm • LSPU Hall

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Abraham’s Walk
Set in a time of constant winter, survivors of the new world have been pushed underground — only to face a new threat that lurks beneath. If your path was chosen for you, how far would you follow it? Director: Shane Mills • Writer: Francois Van Zyl • Producer: Grind Mind • Runtime: 13 Mins. • Newfoundland & Labrador

In this thriller short film, Yohana, a teenage girl from a remote community in the Norwegian Arctic must decide the fate of an oil worker who has killed her father. Yohana’s life and death choice will not only mark her forever, but also determine the future of her people. Set 50 miles within the Arctic Circle amongst rearing cliffs and vast seascapes, Seven occupies a space where wilderness and culture, tradition and modernity collide. Director & Writer: James Morgan • Producer: Johnny Langenheim, Emily Spicer • Runtime: 11 Mins. • United Kingdom

The Ashford Connection
Three clueless burglars rob the wrong house and get more than they bargained for. Director, Writer & Producer: Mike Simms • Runtime: 4 Mins • Newfoundland & Labrador

The Last Vacation
In this short “found footage” film, snapshots of a family vacation to the Jersey shore take an unexpectedly dark turn. Director, Writer & Producer: Ryan Ann Davis • Runtime: 1 Min. • USA

New Woman
New Woman is a disturbing gothic tale set in 1888. A wealthy woman and a male pickpocket enjoy an opulent dinner together. The evening takes a dark turn, revealing that all is not as it seems. Director: Benjamin Noah • Writer: C.H. Newell • Producer: Benjamin Noah • Runtime: 20 Minute Director’s Cut • Newfoundland & Labrador

I Feel Unholy
A Patrick Canning video for the song “I Feel Unholy” by the band Property. Visually rich, the opulence of the video plays against messages of a society and planet sick with overconsumption. Director, Writer & Producer: Patrick Canning • Runtime: 4 Mins. • Newfoundland & Labrador

Short Wave
In this award-winning film, a man is desperate to escape the omnipresent speech of a dictator playing over loudspeakers in the street. Needing sleep after a night of work, he tries everything he can to stifle the noise and loses himself himself along the way. Director & Writer: Mohamad Esmaeeli • Producer: Afsaneh Polei • Runtime: 15 Mins. • Iran

Inspired by real events, Bagheera is a whip-smart young leader of a Girl Scout troop in India. When she’s kidnapped and confined by a misogynistic psychopath, she relies on her wits, survival skills, courage, and determination to outmaneuver her capture, serving up a satisfying, fiery retribution on her way out. Director & Writer: Christopher R. Watson • Producer: Sakar Raut • Runtime: 19 Mins. • India

87 minutes total

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