June 22 • 6:30pm • LSPU Hall

Many of the films on this bill feature stories by and about women. Films rated F were written or directed by a woman.

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Life’s Short. Wear the Sparkly Earrings
Janet Edmonds was an actor, writer, and artist from St. John’s Newfoundland and Labrador. In the face of cancer Janet continue to work, create, and express herself until the very end of her battle. Janet exuded love and life constantly; many were comforted by her humour, openness, and her honest expression of what she was going through. This is a short film about Janet and her remarkable spirit and touching reminder to live life to the fullest. Director: Heidi Coombs-Thorne • Writer: Monica Walsh • Producer: Karen Roberts • Runtime: 8 Mins Newfoundland and Labrador

Avon Ladies Rural Style
A fascinating look at the role of Avon in rural Newfoundland in the 1960s. The economic power Avon offered rural Newfoundland women was such that during 1960s they became some of the top Avon sales agents in the country. Unlike Avon representatives in urban centres, Newfoundland women were known to go door to door by ATV, and hike over cliffsides and around wood piles. Director, Writer & Producer: Rhonda Buckley • Runtime: 20 Mins • Newfoundland and Labrador

Helen is a well-to-do university student whose father wants her to come work for him. Determined to chart her own course, Helen meets up with Andy, a street-smart skateboarder, at a reputable tutoring agency in a rough part of town. Her father might not approve of his rough edges, but it’s Andy who knows a thing or two. Director, Writer, Producer: Bruce Brenton • Runtime: 7 Mins • Canada

10 Minute Time Machine
An engagement ring weighs heavily in George’s pocket as he waits for Lori to show up for a dinner date. Lori arrives with news that she’s stumbled upon a time machine that allows them to travel back 10-minutes in time, and their imaginations run wild with how they’ll put it to use. Only time will tell what they do in the face of adventure, fortune, love, and loss. Director & Writer: Charles Wahl • Producer: Charles Wahl, Kevin Kincaid and Gharrett Patrick Paon • Runtime 10 Mins • Canada

The Log
In this comical turn of the tables, a film director wants full-frontal nudity from her male-lead who wants nothing more to be taken seriously for his craft. Director & Writer: Teemu Nikki • Producer: Jani Pösö • Runtime: 7 Mins • Finland

Whyte Snuff
After 30 years Edmonton business owner Mark Frost is forced to close his Whyte Avenue vintage clothing shop. A quirky look at vintage clothing, the customers who love it, and the changing demographics of a bustling downtown business district. Director, Writer & Producer: Jonathan Benny and Melanie Raevn Brasch • Runtime: 27 Mins • Canada

Grow Old
Grow Old: Set to music by Justine Bennett, Grow Old is a magical tale about love and devotion, and growing old. Director & Writer: Mike Sorrentino • Runtime: 4 Mins • United States

Mission Accomplished
A young boy desperately wants to find his long lost father. Convinced his father is on the moon, Pol enlists the help of a clever girl named Sophie to build a rocket. Throughout the mission a deep friendship develops between the children that helps them overcome their own unique struggles. Director: Hanna Mathis • Runtime: 22 Mins • Austria

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