June 20 • 8:50pm • LSPU Hall

Just Be Gemma

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For more than a year and a half, director Peter Walsh at Nine Island Communications filmed Gemma Hickey throughout their gender transformation. Best known as the founder of Pathways, an organization that offers support to survivors of clergy sexual abuse, and for co-leading the movement that legalized same-sex marriage in Canada, Gemma’s journey is personal, honest, raw and relevant. Just Be Gemma is an all-access documentary revealing Gemma’s physical changes and internal struggles, along with the emotional reaction from loved ones. The film has attracted the attention of the local and national press, including the Globe & Mail, Toronto Star, CBC’s The National and World Report. Director: Peter Walsh • Executive Producer: Peter Walsh, Ronalda Wash • Runtime: 44 Mins • Newfoundland and Labrador


Waiting Outside…
Simon is a dedicated father who cares for his young daughter Scout while his husband Felix is deployed overseas. When Simon gets a serious diagnosis, his world is shaken and he must deal with it, and the future, alone. Waiting Outside… is an award winning project (Linda Joy NL Award) endorsed by the Canadian Cancer Society-NL. It aims to further the conversation on quality of life and draw attention to the challenges faced by others in similar situations. Director & Writer: Joshua Jamieson • Producer: Joshua Jamieson, Ruth Lawrence • Runtime: 8 Mins Newfoundland and Labrador

Maybe Tomorrow
A modern-day hermit named Lone hasn’t left his apartment in almost 3-years. Hidden behind a telescope, he falls in love with a woman in the apartment building opposite him. Will he cross the threshold to finally meet her? Maybe tomorrow. Director & Writer: Martin lliev • Producer: Maria Metodieva • Runtime: 24 Mins • Bulgaria

Rosario is a housewife and caregiver to her ill husband. She silently bears the burden of a joyless marriage as she struggles between the desire for a more fulfilling life and her familial responsibilities. Director & Writer: Marlén Ríos-Farjat • Producer: Mayra Chávez • Runtime: 10 Mins • Mexico

Daisy Love
When you’re a flower how do you get another flower’s attention? Curtis falls in love with Naveen at first sight, but takes it too far. Director & Producer & Animator: Nicole Costa • Runtime: 3 Mins • United States

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