Screenplay Series: Feature Film Writing

The First 10 Pages
June to July 2018
Common Ground Coworking (Duckworth Room)

Led by Wanda Nolan, this six-week writing workshop will give successful applicants an advanced-level opportunity to develop an original feature film idea from pitch to the first 10 pages of a feature screenplay.

Participants will leave with the first 10 pages of their screenplay, a well-established main character, the dramatic question they are raising for their audience, and a plan for how this story will develop over three acts.

Diving deep into the three-act structure, they’ll develop the questions they need to ask in order to carry a story through a feature-length script and identify the pitfalls that result in formulaic writing.

Want to participate?

Please submit the following to by 6 p.m. on Monday, June 11:

  • Writing sample (maximum 10 pages) or directing sample (viewable links to at least two short films)
  • Three-line pitch for a feature film screenplay
  • Four-sentence bio

Hopeful participants are encouraged to pitch a new idea, not something they’ve already started writing.

The class is aimed at screen, fiction and non-fiction writers, directors who wants to write, and established writers who want to kickstart a new idea. The cost of the six-week workshop is $150.


Stop By for Stop-Motion Animation!

Workshop at the Rooms
Youth Animation Workshop
June 9, 2-4 p.m. FREE
The Rooms, Level 3 Atrium

We’re starting them early! In partnership with The Rooms and led by Jason Sellars, The Rooms’ youth educator, and local animator Danielle Hamel, this stop-motion animation workshop is open to kids of all ages. Inspired by archival photographs from The Rooms collection, participants will have a chance to try their hand at creating animations using collage techniques and the camera on a smartphone. They’ll make a tripod and learn the basics of the free software Stop Motion Studio. Assistants will be on hand to help out!


One-Minute Film Challenge

June 16 to June 17. FREE
NIFCO Red Building

Make a short film in a weekend, just because you can. No, really, you can.

The One-Minute Film Challenge is free, DIY filmmaking event that’s open to anyone and everyone, no matter their skill level.

On Saturday, June 16, challengers will be put into film screws based on names drawn from a hat. They and their crew will then have until 10pm the next day to write, shoot and edit a one-minute film.

Experienced mentors will be on hand to help out.

Crews will be able to use NIFCO’s red house from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. on both days.

We’ll have a public screening of the films made for the Challenge during the 2018 Nickel Film festival on Saturday, June 23 in the LSPU Hall Second Space at 5pm.

Want to sign up? All you need to do is show up at the NIFCO red house, 40 Kings Road, at 10 a.m. on Saturday, June 16.

You got this!


Lighting 101 with CBC NL

June 19, 2:00 p.m., $30
CBC Studio F

Register for this Workshop

From Christmas lights to oil lamps in a fishing shed, the CBC N.L. team knows how to use what they’ve got to light up a scene and make it shine on screen. They’ll walk participants through the fundamentals of good lighting and show them how to set the tone of their film using a variety of different lights and tricks.

Film School in a Day

June 23, 10-5pm, $25
NIFCO Red Building

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Back by popular demand, Film School in a Day gives participants all they need to know to make a simple short film.

10am – Duncan De Young – The Five Fundamental Shots
11am – Matthew Thomson – How’s That Sound?
12pm – Danielle Hamel – You’ve Got All This Footage. Now What?
1pm – Lunch Break
2pm – Wanda Nolan – A Crash Course in Film Writing
3pm – Jim Grace (CNA) – An Animated Discussion
4pm – Ruth Lawrence – Wait, You Can Make a Living Doing This?

The Five Fundamental Shots
Duncan DeYoung shows participants what the five most fundamental camera shots look, how they translate, and how to do them without a bunch of fancy equipment.

How’s That Sound?
You can have the prettiest film on the go, but nobody will watch it if it doesn’t sound good. Sound technician Matthew Thomson shows participants how to get the best sound, no matter what.

You’ve Got All This Footage. Now What?
A great, painless edit begins with a plan and a collection of well-organized footage. Danielle Hamel explains how to get there.

A Crash Course in Film Writing
Shakespeare wasn’t wrong. A strong narrative has three acts whether it’s on the stage or on the screen. Wanda Nolan introduces the basics.

An Animated Discussion
Jim Grace, from CNA’s animation program, walks participants through the different types of animation and what animation can add to a film and to a story.

Wait, You Can Make a Living Doing This?
In Newfoundland and Labrador, you can definitely make a living in film. Ruth Lawrence shares her secrets about living and working in the province’s film and television industry.