Take Me Swimming • Te Quiero • Solitudes • On Hold • Pickin’ Time • Behind Banana Vacuum • Think of the Worst • Are You Volleyball?

Opening Night Shorts Spotlight

Monday, June 17 • 7:30 pm • LSPU Hall

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Take Me Swimming
​Thady returns home for a funeral and is shocked by how much his mother’s Alzheimer’s has progressed. Eileen now fails to recognise Marcus, her husband of 40 years. Marcus, despite being upset, underplays the significance. Later, Thady finds a lover’s contract in which Marcus promises to “take her swimming” the day she no longer recognizes him. When Eileen makes her way to the sea at dawn one morning, Thady thinks he sees a way of honouring his mother’s wishes, until Marcus shows him another way. Director: Claire Dix • Writer: Aibhe Keogan • Producer: Roisin Geraghty • Runtime: 15 Mins • Ireland

Te Quiero
A young man struggles to explain the cultural nuance of saying “I love you” in Spanish to his English-speaking lovers. Te Quiero was produced through the Nickel New Voices Program, funded by Telus. Director: Tamara Segura • Writer: Santiago Guzman • Producers: Santiago Guzman, Ruth Lawrence • Runtime: 5 Mins • Newfoundland & Labrador

Lamine is a young Senegalese student in Quebec who decides to film his carpool route between Rimouski and Montreal. His passengers include Rémi, a young filmmaker interested in working with minorities, and Nataly, an indigenous woman. When Rémi inserts the plight of the Québécois into the narrative, consternation peaks. A mysterious time-travelling passenger hops in to warn them of the disintegrating state of the world in 2050. Director & Writer: Marwen Tlili • Producer: Cinema Politica • Runtime: 18 Mins • Quebec, Canada

On Hold
Choreographer and visual artist Nicola Hawkins has created a striking dance piece that beautifully distills tenderness, honesty, and grief. Shot at the Ferryland lighthouse, the film features actor John Moyes and his daughter, dancer-storyteller Louise Moyes, in their 80th and 52nd years. Director & Writer: Nicola Hawkins • Producer: Louise Moyes • Runtime 9 Mins • Newfoundland & Labrador

Pickin’ Time
Young love blossoms after stumbling. If at first you don’t succeed, consider the obvious. Director: James Grace & David Martingale • Writer: College of the North Atlantic Digital Animation Class of 2019 • Producer: Tamara Murphy, College of the North Atlantic • Runtime: 4 Mins. • Newfoundland & Labrador

Behind Banana Vacuum
Banana Vacuum, one of the city’s loudest punk bands, is chronicled by filmmaker Lian Morrison in this documentary short. With behind-the-scenes, never-before-viewed footage, Morrison looks at this timeless punk band with a lead singer whose talent and lyrical subject matter is unique on the local scene. Director, Writer & Producer: Lian Morrison • Runtime: 12 Mins • Newfoundland & Labrador

Think of the Worst
Think of the Worst follows Guy throughout his everyday struggles with his mysterious ability: Whenever he wishes for good things to happen, the opposite unfolds. He develops a series of habits and codes for keeping his secret under control, but ultimately leading to misunderstandings and discord with those he cares about. Director, Writer, Producer: Chorong Kim • Runtime 15 Mins • British Columbia, Canada

Are You Volleyball?
A group of asylum seekers make their way to an English-speaking country border and are unable to enter. As everyday conflict with border soldiers comes to a head, a young boy who is both deaf and mute uses the universal language of sport to lift barriers between the two groups. Director & Writer: Mohammad Bakhshi • Producer: Nima Rabiei • Runtime: 15 Mins. • Iran

93 minutes total

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