June 19 • 6:30 pm • LSPU Hall
Presented by CBC Newfoundland and Labrador

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7 year-old Afghan refugee Ahmad wakes in the dark of a sealed refrigerated lorry, alongside his older brother and 13 other refugees. Fleeing war and torture, they’re making a desperate attempt to get into the UK. But for the next fifteen hours they’ll face a worse nightmare, as the oxygen in the truck begins to run out. An incredible true story about the lengths refugees are driven to.Director & Writer: Edward Watts • Producer: Olivia Scarlett, Caz Lawrence and Beatrice Warren • Runtime: 19 Mins • United Kingdom

Waste It
Karen attempts to deal with the fleeting nature of romance through filmmaking only to run into conflict when surrounding cast and crew members have different opinions on the matter. You can try to imitate art but it doesn’t make life any easier. Director & Writer: Emily Bridger • Producer: Kerry Gamberg • Runtime: 10 Mins • Newfoundland and Labrador

Jeff is down on his luck, after recently losing both, his job and his girlfriend. Having a hard time dealing, he devises a suicide plan to put an end to his misery. Hilarity ensues however, when even this goes awry. Director & Writer: Nick Kelly • Producer: Nick Kelly, Harold Dawe • Runtime: 14 Mins •

Aliment Roots
Aliment Roots is an operatic short film based on the poem Roots and Leaves Themselves Alone by Walt Whitman. Director: Kenneth J. Harvey • Producer: Kelly Meadus • Runtime: 8 Mins • Newfoundland and Labrador

Hook, Line and Stinker
Hook Line and Stinker: Written and produced by the CNA/DA Class of 2018. A greedy Fisherman’s use of modern technology nets him more than he bargained for. Director: James Grace, David Martingale & Darren Doucette • Writer: CNA/DA Class of 2018 • Producer: Darlene Oake, College of the North Atlantic • Runtime: 5 Mins • Newfoundland and Labrador

All The Single Ladies
Tiek’s girlfriends surprise her with an unwelcome singles party. When she meets a mysterious hobo named Jip the night takes an unexpected and whimsical turn. Director & Writer: Yfke van Berckelaer • Producer: Jennifer van der Toorn • Runtime: 14 Mins • Netherlands

Made in Roubaix
Gone are the days where his weaving loom operates at full capacity. Still, Dominique follows his everyday work ritual: rolling huge books in patterned fabrics, setting up powerful sewing machines and serenely moving from one workstation to another. Director & Writer: Julie Lacaze and Martin Renard • Producer Julie Lacaze • Runtime: 5 Mins • France

Sometimes communication is the hardest part. Vicki buys milk and tries to tell her grandmother. Seemingly straightforward, yet confusion ensues. Director, Writer & Producer: Winnifred Jong • Runtime: 2 Mins • Canada

The Death of Ian Hall
Ian is a terminally ill man. In this touching end of life love story, Ian and his wife, Catherine must make a difficult decision before spending their final days together in joy and love. Director & Writer: Rick Bartram • Producer: Martin Bennett • Runtime: 14 Mins • Canada

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