June 21 • 8:50pm • LSPU Hall
Presented by Budden and Associates

There is a House Here

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Award-winning director Alan Zweig takes his compassionate, inquisitive mind and points his camera to life in the Far North for the Inuit. He connects with friend Lucie (Tatanniq Idlout) as his guide, but initially finds that many of his contacts refuse to seriously interact with him despite his best intentions. Zweig’s honesty and tenacity eventually lead to the door being opened a crack. He discovers a legacy of abuse leftover from resettlements and residential schools, but also a resilient community sustained by a love of the land and a willingness to care for their own. An unsentimental, yet poignant look into the hardships and courage of a proud people still trying to wrestle with the legacy of European colonialism and the naive and patronizing attitudes of many well-meaning Southerners. (TIFF Official Selection) Director & Writer: Alan Zweig • Producer: Kristina McLaughlin, Kevin McMahon, Michael McMahon • Runtime: 104 Mins • Canada


Intimately shot in black and white, Baby, by Newfoundland’s Eastern Owl, is a moving tribute to Canadian residential school survivors. Director & Producer: Kenneth J Harvey • Runtime: 4 Mins • Canada

In the search for fulfillment, an underwater mussel discovers the irony of second chances, and that change is not always for the best. Director, Writer & Producer: Jack Soucey • Runtime: 3 Mins • Canada

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