The Legend of Aiasheu (NL) • Hope (NL) • Letters From The Dead (NB) • Weary – “Bruise” (NL) • Empty Skies (USA) • Stolen (NL)

Narrative Voices Spotlight

Wednesday, June 19 • 7:30 pm • LSPU Hall

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The Legend of Aiasheu
From the Innu legends of Northern Labrador, The Legend of Aiasheu tells the story of a young boy abandoned by his father on a remote island. With the love and guidance of his ancestors he makes his way home and exacts revenge for the wrong done. Director, Writer & Producers: Christine Poker, Prote Poker, Simeon Poker • Runtime: 38 Mins. • Newfoundland & Labrador

A young girl offers half her popsicle to a troubled older man. Her act of kindness provides him a brief respite. Director: Ethan Bickford • Writer: Ethan Bickford, Jake Delaney • Producer: Ethan Bickford • Runtime: 4 Mins. • Newfoundland & Labrador

Letters From The Dead
A mother and her two daughters struggle to cope with the loss of a loved one. While the eldest daughter suppresses her grief, Abigail, finds she’s able to communicate with their deceased grandmother through handwritten letters. Through this, Abigail moves through her grief, and also helps her family to heal. Director: Arianna Martinez • Writers: Arianna Martinez, Gordon Mihan • Producer: Arianna Martinez, Gordon Mihan, Lance Kenneth Blakney • Runtime: 12 Mins. • New Brunswick, Canada

Weary — “Bruise”
A walk along the rugged terrain of a treacherous cliffside in Newfoundland and a meditation on how tenderness can be an act of resistance. Under the tutelage of Lian Morrison, first-time filmmaker Kate Lahey created the music video for “Bruise”, a song by her band Weary. Part of the 2018 Nickel and MusicNL Music Video Incubator. Director & Writer: Kate Lahey • Producers: Lian Morrison, Nickel Independent Film Festival • Runtime: 5 Mins. • Newfoundland & Labrador

Empty Skies
Set against the backdrop of famine and Communist China’s Great Leap Forward (1958-1961), a young boy is desperate to find food for his hungry and ailing elderly grandmother. He befriends an enthusiastic supporter of Chairman Mao, who convinces him to help her capture their villages last sparrow for a reward. Director: Wenting Deng Fisher, Luke Fisher • Writer: Wenting Deng Fisher, Luke Fisher • Producer: Patrick Reasonover, Matt Edwards • Runtime: 18 Mins. • USA

Alex struggles with the consequences of her fractured childhood. Will she move forward to self-fulfillment or fall back on old self-destructive patterns? Director & Writer: Ian Vardy. Producer: NIFCO • Runtime: 8 Mins. • Newfoundland & Labrador

88 mins total

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