Newfoundland Horror Movie Generator

The Nickel Independent Film Festival is hosting its seventh 48-Hour Horror Film Challenge on October 26 and to get in the spooky mood we went into the lab and cooked up this Newfoundland-themed horror movie title generator.

Click the button below for randomly-generated titles to inspire the next great Newfoundland horror movie. Find a good one? Share it on social media with the hashtag #NewfoundlandHorrorMovies

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MAKE A MOVIE OF YOUR OWN! Take the Nickel’s 48-Hour Horror Film Challenge on October 26

The Nickel’s 48-Hour Horror Film Challenge 2018 is back again for its seventh year! It’s a creative challenge to anyone to write, shoot and edit a short film of five minutes or less between 8pm on October 26th to 8pm on October 28th.

Click here to register

It’s free to participate, and registration is open until noon on October 26th, 2018. Submitted horror films can be any length below 5 minutes, and can fall under any of the sub-genres of horror. Each team will receive an email with a prop and line of dialogue which must appear in each film. All submissions must include the Nickel logo and bumper at the beginning of each film.

PUBLIC SCREENING PARTY: Tuesday, October 30 at Spirit of Newfoundland, 8pm

Any questions? Email

Thanks to our 48-Hour Horror Challenge 2018 sponsor Spirit of Newfoundland!